Monitoring and targeting

In order for a behavioural change campaign to be successful, it is necessary to provide the participants with reliable and up-to-date feedback on the results of their efforts. The use of dedicated energy Monitoring and Targeting systems (M&T) has been central to delivering this feedback.

Energy data loggers are installed in each building in the campaign. They collect data on electricity, gas, oil or LPG use every 15 minutes. The data is stored in the OPW’s energy data repository before specialist software is used to prepare customised energy reports for each building.

The M&T systems for each building can be accessed through one of the following password protected sites. Click on the links below to navigate to the relevant site. 




Contact your building’s Energy Advisor to set up access. 

The building’s Energy Advisor analyses the data for energy saving opportunities and discusses the report and findings with the Energy Team at their regular meetings. The Energy Team can then use the information to target their actions and provide feedback on progress to management and the wider staff through a number of communication channels.