Optimising Power @ Work provides a range of tools, activities and support structures, designed to bring together the very best in technology, innovation and creativity. All Public Sector Organisations participating in Optimising Power @ Work can avail of the services below.

  • Energy

    Experienced energy advisors
    support the on-site energy officer
    and energy team. This support
    includes advice and training,
    facilitating events, providing
    customised energy reports,
    interpreting data and identifying
    areas or projects for energy saving.

  • Monitoring
    and Targeting


    Energy data loggers are installed,
    which collect data on electricity,
    gas, oil or LPG use every 15 minutes.
    The data is stored in the OPW’s
    central energy data repository before
    specialist software is used to prepare
    customised energy reports for each building.
  • Communications

    Energy awareness
    communications are an
    important part of any building's
    action plan. Promotional posters,
    stickers and flyers are provided
    to reinforce the key messages of
    Optimising Power @ Work.

  • Energy Officer

    Regional events
    bring our campaign
    participants together,
    sparking new levels
    of innovation and

  • Energy

    A range of flexible
    resources and tools that
    can be tailored to assist
    with each building's
    progress towards energy

  • Out-of-Hours

    Experience shows there
    is a huge potential for
    savings when buildings are
    unoccupied. An out-of-hours
    audit will help to identify this
    potential and realise savings.

  • Building Communications
    Systems (BMS)

    BMS audits identify areas offering
    potential energy savings by
    optimising time scheduling,
    temperature set points, control
    strategies, etc.

  • Energy

    Regular meetings with a dedicated
    Energy Advisor to keep energy issues
    top of the agenda.

  • Energy

    Customised reports for use by
    the energy officer and teams
    to show progress and highlight
    areas for improvement.

  • Energy
    Awareness Days

    A range of tailored interactive
    events with energy challenges,
    quizzes, competitions and
    customised communications, with
    expert energy advisors on hand.

  • Staff Lectures,
    and Workshops

    Information and interactive training
    elements to raise awareness of energy
    efficiency actions.

  • Awards

    Recognition for outstanding
    performance in areas such as
    energy reduction, creativity
    and sustained engagement.

  • Intensive

    Buildings that are identified as
    underperforming, compared to similar
    buildings, are intensively targeted as the
    campaign progresses.

  • TV Information
    screen content

    For building awareness
    of the campaign,
    communicating progress
    and energy efficiency messages.

  • Intranet

    Customised content for communicating
    progress towards targets,
    energy conservation tips
    and behavioural change messages.