Office Heating Campaign – Short Course

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  • Office Heating Campaign


  • Space heating is can often be one of the largest significant energy users in a commercial or office space. As a result, there could be significant losses that arise from improper control. This course will help you understand the various technologies used to heat office areas and outline what you can do to minimise waste and conserve energy.


  • 30 minutes (excluding videos and course work)

Course work:

  • Develop a Heat Map (optional for accreditation)

This course is for you if:

  • You’re interested in understanding how office/ commercial space is heating and how they are controlled.
  • You’re interested in improving your organisation and staff behaviour around heating.
  • You’d like to explore practical interventions that can create an energy efficient culture in your building.
  • You want to investigate the opportunities for saving energy on heating from shifting staff behaviours and habits.

Course outline:

  • Understanding what you have
  • Heat Maps & Developing a Baseline
  • Taking Control
  • Checking if Your Interventions Worked
  • Transition and Next Steps

Downloadable resources:

  • Poster templates

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